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These spindles are a major upgrade to the weak 65-69 Mustang and similar Ford spindles.


This spindle kit is a major upgrade to the weak 65-69 Mustang and similar Ford spindles.  Think about it.  The original cars were designed for bias ply tires that didn't grip very well.  Now, we are using modern radial tires with lots more grip.  The early spindles are prone to breaking under harsh driving conditions with sticky tires.  If you are serious about road racing, open tracking, building a corner carving street machine or lifting the front wheels drag racing, you should upgrade your early spindles.

These spindles are cast from a 4330 high alloy steel containing Nickel, Chromium, Manganese, and Molybdenum alloys. More material was added to the steering arm and upright over the factory 70-73 spindles.  These spindles are then quench heat treated and tempered for superior strength.

This kit includes:

  • 1 Pair of heavy duty spindles.  Machine gray powder coated for long lasting corrosion protection.


DRUM version


  • Set of big inner and outer Timken bearings and races.
  • Timken inner dust seals.
  • Spindle nut kit - keyed washers, nuts, nut retainers, cotter pins and dust caps.
  • Dust caps - replace those smashed in ones!
  • Outer Tie Rods.


Note:  Factory power steering 65-66 cars will require 1 x ST-TR.3 & 1 x ST-TR.1 outer tie rods.  Factory manual steer 65-66 cars and 67-73 factory manual or power will require 2 x ST-TR.1 outer tie rods.  Please look in the 'Related Items' section below to add these to your shopping cart.

  If you are purchasing these spindles with one of our brake system you do not need the bearings/seals etc. shown above as these will be included (unless you want spares).

Don't let this happen to you:


Think about this for a second. We are building cars with very capable suspensions using modern, sticky radial tires on 50+ year old spindles. I doubt the Ford engineers could ever dream of the loads we would be putting through spindles designed for skinny bias ply tires. This is not the knob on your radio were talking about. If this part fails its going to ruin your day.

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In this video Shaun from SOT gives a brief overview of some of the early Mustang spindles and their differences.

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