Street or Track Mustang Rear Bilstein 3-Link System
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Ratings and Reviews of Street or Track Mustang Rear Bilstein 3-Link System

Score: 5.00 (votes: 6)
Reviews: 6
Score: 5.00 (votes: 6)
Reviews: 6
Rating of votes (6)
Customer reviews
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  • Kenny
    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the new setup. I finally got the car on its wheels over the weekend and drove it on the streets. The car handles amazing! My friend has a 1969 Mustang Convertible with original suspension setup and i think i have sold him on your coilover kit.
  • Thad
    The suspension is absolutely awesome! It handles like a new sports car. I cannot believe how well it drives and how much safer the car feels with it. I LOVE IT!! Thanks!
  • Clint B.
    I just returned from my season opening autocross event, got about 20 runs in today - I continue to be totally impressed with the performance on the 3-link. By far the best handling upgrade I've made to the car thus far. Awesome.
  • Clink B.
    I had the opportunity to attend an SCCA Autocross school last Saturday (3/15/14) and really abuse the car! Overall the car performed great, the only problem was when it lost power steering due to a faulty control valve (time for a steering upgrade).

    As far as handling, the 3-Link really planted the rear end. There was no tendency to oversteer but it was very controllable to steer with the throttle. A few times I got the car into a very controllable 4 wheel drift and it just felt awesome! Way more balanced than I expected it to be for a maiden voyage. I can't wait to upgrade the front suspension now to rival the rear.
  • David R.
    Man, that stuff looks tough. Industrial bling!! Manly!

    That is the nicest finished product that I have ever gotten from anyone selling aftermarket mustang go-fast goodies. Hands down.

    I had a hard time breaking it loose. There are lots of places on my usual drive "around the block" where I usually start slipping and sliding. Not any more. Really hooks up on turn exit. Braking is better than ever - no hint of hopping. All of the leaf spring oscillations are gone. No more lurching at low rpm either. I think it is actually quieter than before too. Feels way more solid.
    I never changed the lengths of your trailing arms, just tightened all the jam nuts and everything is straight. Drives perfect, even freeway is good. Centering it was easy.
    Feels more solid than before, while being still more limber somehow.
  • Scott L.
    I wanted to let you know that the 3 link setup bolted right in! From an installation standpoint, you did a very good job engineering the system.