Baer Tracker Bump Steer Kit for 1965-73 Ford Mustangs with Unisteer rack

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Baer Tracker Bump Steer Kit for 1965-73 Ford Mustangs with Unisteer rack and pinion.


In driving, bump steer arises when the suspension is already "loaded" (as in hard cornering, and particularly when simultaneously braking) and a change in road surface (pot hole, bump, etc.) is encountered. In such cases, the car darts sharply and unexpectedly. The effect is especially apparent when intentional changes to the steering geometry, such as caster, camber or static ride height have been altered. This is not only unsettling and undesirable, but also dangerous. To solve this engineering issue, Baer has developed Baer Tracker Bump Steer Adjustable Tie Rods.

Baer Trackers feature hardened chromemoly tie rod pins with a threaded extension at the base of the taper. This fits through a Teflon® lined rod end (again, chromemoly) and is height adjustable with use of machined spacers provided in Baer Tracker packages. Baer Trackers can easily be installed by alignment shops and virtually eliminate bump steer with simple height adjustment procedures.

One pair is all you need for 1 car - replaces outer tie rods. Baer Trackers fit the spindle you have, not necessarily the model and year of your vehicle. For instance, if you have a 1965-66 Mustang but are using Granada or 1970 Mustang spindles, then choose the 1970-73 Tracker kit. If in doubt, please contact us before ordering.

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