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  Street or Track LLC :: Tools & Accessories :: Wheelrite Wheel & Tire Simulator

Wheelrite Wheel & Tire Simulator
Wheelrite Wheel & Tire Simulator 

Simply bolt the WheeRite on your hub, dial in your measurements and rotate to verify your desired clearance!

Selecting wheels and tires is a crucial element when it comes to styling your ride as every pro builder will tell you, there's nothing more important than the car's stance and attitude.

If you're going to run wheels and tires that are the same size as stock, then the choice is simple. But if you're going to upsize the combination, there are a couple things to keep in mind when measuring for the right sizes.

There are a few terms that apply to wheel size, the main ones are width, diameter and bolt pattern, and then there's backspace and offset. Diameter is the overall diameter of the wheel, and width refers to the width of the wheel. The bolt pattern is the number of bolts and the measurement of the bolt circle. Ford cars from the 1960s usually run a 5 hole, 4.5 bolt circle, where GM used a 4 ˚ bolt circle on intermediates and a 5 inch circle on full size cars. You can check it with a bolt circle gauge, or you can measure across the bolt holes to determine your size. Just measure from the edge of one bolt hole, SKIP A HOLE, and go to the CENTER of the next hole. 

The next size measurement is the backspace. This is the distance of the wheel face to the backside edge of the wheel. This measurement is crucial because it determines the clearance of the wheel in the well and the amount of the wheel sticking out of the well. You can measure a wheel by running a straight edge across the rim bead and dropping another straight edge down to the wheel face and measure that distance.

Offset refers to the amount of wheel behind the face and the amount of wheel in front of the face. A positive offset puts the face towards the outside of the wheel, a negative offset has a deeper dished look. Zero offset is centered in the rim.

Click HERE to download the Wheelrite instruction sheet.

Note:  This tool is excellent for figuring out backspace and what size tire may be possible.  It does not and cannot accurately depict the backside profile of the spoke of a wheel.  This can cause caliper to wheel clearance issues.  Street or Track LLC does not guarantee in any way by you renting this tool that the subsequent wheels you may purchase will fit your vehicle.  Street or Track LLC assumes no liability in damages, whether accidental or not, to you or your vehicle(s). The renter assumes all risk involved in using such device.

Part Number: PYS01201
Price: $80.99


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