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  Street or Track LLC :: Street or Track Products :: Street or Track Front Bilstein Coilover System

Street or Track Front Bilstein Coilover System
Street or Track Front Bilstein Coilover System  New Page 1

Checkout real customer's installation pictures on our Facebook page:

Having had excellent results and customer feedback from our conventional style tubular control arms and Bilstein shock absorbers, we wanted to take things to the next level and offer even more control to our customers.  Using the same race winning geometry as on our conventional tubular control arms we specified a couple of different Bilstein coil over shocks and designed our coil over system.  Used by OEM’s such as Porsche and Audi, Bilstein also has a long street use and racing history. This is the perfect shock for such an advanced coil over system for your Mustang and classic Ford.  A quick benefits list of our coil over system compared to a conventional spring/shock arrangement would be:
  • Easy ride height adjustment.  Our shocks feature a threaded sleeve, simply rotate the adjuster with the supplied wrench to raise, lower or cross weight the car.  No cutting springs, no guessing.
  • 50% better motion ratio allows use of lighter springs and more shock motion for improved control.  An improved motion ratio also has the side benefit that the forces directed through the spring and into the chassis will be lower.  Less tower flex and chance of cracking.
  • Although we have chosen what we feel and have calculated to be a great combo, coil over springs can be had in 25-50lb increments which is a vast improvement over the conventional spring offerings.
  • We've designed our system to feature super easy spring/shock removal.  The entire spring/shock assembly is held on by 1 bolt on the top and 1 bolt on the bottom.  No spring compressors, no swearing.
  • Heim bearing shock ends further reduce bind found in stock setup. This transmits road forces directly to the spring & shock allowing it to do what its designed to do and get the tire back on the road quicker for more control and better handling.  This can be compared to the benefits found in using roller spring perches on a conventional system.  Other systems on the market that use rubber or polyurethane shock bushings will bind during regular suspension travel and when the strut rod is used to move the lower control arm to set caster.

Not satisfied with just picking an off the shelf shock that fits the space, we worked for a full year computing motion ratios, wheel rates, sprung and un-sprung weights, critical damping and a massive list of other variables to design our own proprietary Street, Sport and Race shock & spring combinations specific to the 65-73 Mustang and other vintage Fords.  We do NOT use a standard 'off the shelf shock' that simply fits in the space and 'sort of feels right'.  Each shock and spring package is designed based on the vehicles weight and intended use.  Alongside the year of math, shock curves and shock dyno time we drove many, many street miles and 100's of laps on our favorite racetracks for a real world 'seat of the pants' validation of each combination from us and a selection of test customers.

View many more installed pictures in our Customers Cars section on our Facebook page.

The 3 shock valving & spring combinations available for our coil over system are:

We feel that this combination rides as close to a modern production car as you are likely to get from your classic.  That was our goal and we feel we've met that.  In fact even our shock tuning engineer was blown away at how nice our 1966 Mustang coupe test car drove down a bumpy, twisting Michigan road!  Choose this system if you want a smooth yet responsive ride from your classic that you can drive for hours and hours without feeling beaten up.  Due to the lighter spring rate used, this is also our recommended setup for dual purpose street or drag car.

We worked really hard on this package to design it for all those dual purpose street or open track cars out there.  This package gives a smooth, crisp, controlled ride on the street but can also handle bouncing off the curbs and slick tires at the road course.  Choose this system if you like carving around bends, on/off ramps and/or open tracking with NO need to switch shocks or click gimmicky knobs. 

For our race setup, the shock gets switched for one with a Schrader valve to adjust/set nitrogen pressure.  With a shock inflator gauge like #LON50473 and a tank of nitrogen from your local welding supply store, this enables the customer to change gas pressure beneath the dividing piston.  Choose this option for a dedicated track car.  Our hired 'butt dyno' driver lapped 3 seconds quicker in his 1965 coupe when compared to times using his highly modified conventional front suspension setup.  The stop watch doesn't lie.  This valving can also be built into a Bilstein shock without the Schrader valve should you not wish to have the option to tune gas pressure but still want the race setup. 

New! Our new double adjustable shocks are like 3 shocks in 1. Set both adjusters at #1 and you have our Street valving, both at #5 and you have our Sport, both at #10 and you have our Race valving!

All of the shocks used in our coil over system will give many, many years of service.  When the time comes, the shocks are completely rebuildable/serviceable by us or any worldwide Bilstein rebuilder.  You can rest assured that your investment in this system is one that you can easily maintain and enjoy for many years.

Now available with the 'Shelby Drop' built in!

Our standard shaft can be used in the original holes or in lowered holes. Standard shaft control arms will include our laser cut steel Shelby Drop jig for you to drill the lowered holes if you choose. Don't want to drill holes but want the benefits of the Shelby Drop? Easy, select 'dropped shafts' from our options list and we'll delete the drill jig and swap out the shaft for one with the drop built in! All our shafts are CNC machined from 4140 chromoly and then plated to not only be strong but look great!

Shaft Mounted Bump Stops

Below you can see our optional shaft mounted bump stop conversion.  This NASCAR spec. progressive durometer bump stop installs on the shaft of our Bilstein shock and replaces the stock bump stop.  This enables you to remove the outer spring tower cover and bump stop allowing a slightly lower ride height. 

The stock bump stop is extremely hard and has a tendency to upset the handling of the car.  The progressive nature of this bump stop slows down the impact when the suspension bottoms out, minimizing the unsettling nature of the impact.

Select this upgrade under 'Options' below.

Precision Ball Joints

Another exciting optional upgrade we offer to our coilover system is these high precision ball joints. These precision ball joints offer the precision of a spherical bearing with the misalignment range of a ball joint. Their rugged steel housings will withstand impacts that can destroy other ball joints. Plus, even if you manage to damage the joint, they are fully rebuildable. The alloy steel ball studs are process coated for low friction and long wear. You will feel the difference in smooth travel and easy steering effort.

Select this upgrade under 'Options' below.

Click the image below to watch a brief YouTube video showing the reduced friction between the two ball joints.

Click the image below to watch AutoRestomod install this system!

Click the image below to read what Mustangs Monthly had to say about our custom valved Bilstein shocks!

Hot Rod tested our coilover system. Click the image below to see what they had to say!

Coilover System includes:

  • Tubular .156 wall TIG welded upper control arms with replaceable adjustable length chromoly heim bearing pivots, 4140 chromoly cross shafts and easily replaceable Moog screw-in ball joints.  Shipped with the front bearing 3 turns further out than the rear. This adds approx. +3 degrees of positive caster to the spindle when installed before having to shim the front bolt or shorten the strut rod. More or less is easily possible by simply adjusting the bearings in or out. Arms and ball joints are compatible installed in stock all the way down to 1-3/4" lower holes.  1" drop template included.
  • Tubular .156 wall TIG welded lower control arms with replaceable chromoly, kevlar/Teflon lined mono-ball inner pivots and easily replaceable Moog screw-in ball joints.
  • A pair of our Adjustable strut rods.
  • Your choice of Street, Sport or Race valved Bilstein shock absorbers and matched Hypercoil coil-over springs tailored to your year vehicle.  Spring and shock assemblies comes pre-assembled complete with thrust bearings.
  • Optional double adjustable shocks available under the drop down menu below. Set the rebound and compression at #1 and you have our Street valving, set both at #5 and you have our Sport valving, both at #10 and you have our Race valving! Feel free to play anywhere in between to tune the ride how YOU want. This all aluminum shock body w/spring is 1.6lbs lighter than our standard steel bodied Bilstein shock assembly and features ride height adjustment threads on the body instead of a separate sleeve. The aluminum body will lower un-sprung weight and shed heat quicker for longer lasting high performance.
  • Lower CNC machined billet shock mounting brackets.
  • Upper laser cut, TIG welded shock mounting brackets.
  • Upper CNC machined billet stock spring seat adapter rings - Installs over the stock spring seat negating its removal.  No need to drill out the spot welds and hack up your car.
  • Laser cut engine bay cover plates - Covers the hole for a clean look in the top of the shock tower that the stock shock used to go through.
  • Hardware required to install the system.
  • Spanner wrench to adjust ride height.
  • Detailed instructions.

Download our product flier

Read about our stealth BOSS 302 installation


  • STCO6566 fits 64-65 Comet, 64-65 Cyclone, 60-65 Falcon, 65-66 Mustang, 64-65 Ranchero,
  • STCO6773 fits 66-77 Comet, 67-73 Cougar, 66-71 Cyclone, 66-71 Fairlane, 66-70 Falcon, 68-71 Montego, 67-73 Mustang, 66-71 Ranchero, 68-71 Torino, 70-77 Maverick. STCO6773 also fits XA XB XC and XD Australian Falcons



  • Alignment required after installation.

Heim bearings in the shock ends ensure no binding no matter what alignment setting is used.  Think of this like installing roller spring perches on a conventional setup.  Race shock shown.

Our upper mount installs from the underside of the tower and does not require the stock spring seat to be removed.  Spring & shock loads are distributed into our aluminum spacer ring and spread around the underside of the tower, just like the stock spring.
Watch in real time as our coilover suspension soaks up road bumps with ease:

Watch one happy customers YouTube videos:

Advanced and professional CAD and FEA tools are used to ensure strength and durability.


Race system installed on a 1965 Mustang.
Optional shock shaft mounted bump stop used enabling removal of outer shock tower cover.

Tortured on the track during our ongoing Race valving development, this is also great real world stress testing of the other components in the kit.  So, even if your car will never see the racetrack you can be assured the components in the system are durable enough for years of trouble free operation.
Watch a few laps during testing!

Street system installed on a 1970 BOSS 302.
Our Trans-AM brake system is also shown installed.

Part Number: ST-COILOVER
Price: $2,599.00

Part #
Year Car
Engine Size
UCA Cross Shaft
Add Shaft Bump Stop
Add Camber Kit
Ball Joints

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Product rating
Product rating

Product rating



Customer Reviews

Author: Menno D.
Thanks for the front coil over suspension setup. Love the ride and handling!

Author: Steve E.
Had the brakes and suspension installed on the car and wow, it’s pretty nice. The ride and handling of the car is amazing.

Author: Art C.
I just wanted to let you know how much this front end has improved my 65. Before your Bilstein coilover system I had 3 different suspensions in my car. Stock, tubular upper/lower control arms with adjustable shocks and a competitors coilover system. All had their problems ranging from noises to just bad design. This system has made me want to drive my car again. Thank you!

Author: Al G.
Just a one year follow up on my new coil over install ...It has absolutely changed the ride and handling of my 50 year old fastback!! Feels like a new car, the most important upgrade since adding power rack and pinion …completely satisfied.

Author: Gregory S.
Installation was simple, took 2 hours for both sides. The parts literally fell onto the car!

Author: Mark - Structural Engineer
After unloading the boxes I have to say the thing that comes to mind early an often is this system is how I would design and build it if I were going to do it myself. Extra high quality pieces, extra stout construction, very adjustable and well thought out.

Author: Paul G.
Hi Shaun,

Just had to let you know that our car was awesome last weekend. I was a little concerned in the workshop that it may be too stiff, you could hardly get any movement by leaning on the car, but on the road it was just sensational. I couldn’t believe how controlled and direct, working with the TCP power steering rack, the whole package was. It really was handling like a go kart, but was still compliant, with no under or over steer. I never thought it possible that you could get a 46 year old car to do the things it did. Congratulations, you have produced a staggering product that still has the grins across our faces.



Author: Rob B.
It felt really nice. From roll rate to front to rear balance, over/understeer etc. It just felt really well balanced. There were even a couple of times I got loose at high speed in the fast corners and it felt very good. I was able to counter steer and stay right with it w/o any scary feeling. Also, the tire wear looks pretty good. All in all, very pleased. I think I can now comfortably say that at this point it is the best performing vintage mustang I have assembled.

Author: Brian C.
Hi, Shaun. Thanks again for the great product!

Author: Paul C.
The car looks like a show car and it drives like no Mustang I have ever been in - it's simply hard to believe you're in a 65 Mustang!!! The front end turn in and ride is out of this world - it surprised all of us just how good it is Shaun!!!! We kept on saying that it's like driving a go kart, but you get to keep your fillings!!! There was a street town stage on the last day that was as bumpy as hell and most cars were really struggling - Porsches leaving front spoilers behind, several cars bottoming out, but we were fine - Our suspension set up was perfect!

Author: Steve H.
Hey Shaun, The coilover system drives great. I had it aligned on Monday and it drives like a dream.

Author: Shannon M.
I'm running Street or Track coil overs in my 65. I haven't driven my car much yet, but I have driven Shaun's car (the owner of Street or Track) and I can tell you that it's a first class setup that drives great.

The best thing I like about the suspension is the installation itself. I think I did both sides from start to finish in about 3 hours... and now that all the pre-work is done, I can disassemble and reassemble each side in about a hour.

Another great point is Shaun's customer service. Second to none.

Aug 2012 follow up - I just thought I’d let you know that I got the Mustang aligned today. She lined up just fine with –.5 degrees camber on each side camber and caster were easy thanks to the eccentric LCA’s and the adjustable strut arms.

The owner of the shop (who is retired so his son’s run the place) showed up in person to “supervise” the alignment. After the alignment is complete, its customary for the tech to take it for a short test run. The owner insisted on doing the drive himself.

He said it was one of the best handling Mustangs he’s ever driven.

Thanks for all the help!!!


Author: Jonas A. - Norway
First I will say, my brother and I are very pleased with your coilover kit. the mustang people here in Norway are getting to know about your parts.

Author: Bill M.
Hey Shaun, I finished up the installation yesterday and took it in to the alignment shop the morning. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Much smoother ride and driving the 8 mi. home on a bumpy, twisty road was a blast!

Author: Jack
Hi Shaun,

I installed my suspension with ease, I took it for an alignment today at “The Line-Up Shop”, and I just want to say that the kit was excellent, and the ride is absolutely wonderful! That’s an understatement; I don’t know how to do it justice in words… so simply; Thank you!

Great product! Hopefully I will soon be able to afford one of your rear-end kits.


Author: Tim
The suspension came out great. I got the stance I want and it drives great!

Author: Scott M.
Just wanted to follow up with you since I was finally able to get the car out of the shop and drive it. This car is a completely different car. I can not tell you how much I enjoy driving this thing now. The suspension is firm but forgiving on bumps and from the driving I have done, I am amazed at how much better and more controllable it feels on the road. The car does not beat me to death any more on bumps.

Author: Thad.
The suspension is absolutely awesome! It handles like a new sports car. I cannot believe how well it drives and how much safer the car feels with it. I LOVE IT!! Thanks!

Author: Mustang Joe
My suspension needed a total overhaul. I also found my factory power steering -while trouble free and not leaking - a little vague, with some play in each direction before imput was transferred to the wheels. Was contemplating a borgeson or a call to chockostang, but decided to first address the suspension and see how the steering behaved after that.

I decided to rip off the band aid and went with the Street or Track coilovers. Not cheap but oh-my-gawd what a difference!
Shelby drop, coilovers with bilstein street, 1 1/8 sway bar up front. Matching bilsteins in rear with the one inch drop leafs in back.

The car has a MUCH more modern feel. In comparison to my newer mustangs that Ive owned, it reminds me of my old 2002 Mustang GT. Modern sporting feel, firm but not harsh at all. Not floaty.

I have 17s and had occasional rubbing over bumps and tight turns out of the driveway. Thats gone.
And the steering is now much more responsive. So much so that its off the upgrade list. It aint broke, so Ill throw that money at something else.

I just did this upgrade in December, and have put 500 miles on the car in the last month. Yeah Im happy

Author: Dan Kvasnicka
I installed this suspension on my 65 coupe and it made a huge difference. I got the sport valving and do not regret it one bit. The ride is very similar to a modern car. It makes the car truly enjoyable to drive it doesn't wander or track at all. The install was easy I did not have to adjust or modify anything outside of the included directions which were some of the best directions I have seen. I even cranked the ride height up to give a stock look, and the suspension still performs great with a really nice ride. The car turns almost totally flat no roll like to old suspension would give.



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