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  1. Accusump Manual Valve-24-260

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  Street or Track LLC :: Oil System :: Accusump Preoilers & Accessories :: Accusump Valving

Manual or Electric valve? A valve controls the flow of oil between the engine and the Accusump. In hard core racing applications a manual valve is used for simplicity. This valve can be mounted either on the Accusump directly or plumbed anywhere convenient along the feed line. With this valve, the operator has to manually open the valve before starting the engine and close the valve before shutting the engine off. For other applications, an electric valve can make the daily operation of the Accusump much more convenient. They are ideal when used in applications where it is difficult to access a manual valve lever or to plumb the Accusump remotely like in a daily driver or a RV. This electric valve can be opened and closed from a remote dash mounted switch or it can be wired directly into the ignition so it will open and close automatically when the ignition is in the on or the off position. Manual Valve This is the simplest and is recommended for hard core racing. It provides quick response times and has no restrictions. Cable Kits These allow the use of a manual valve when the Accusump is mounted in a hard to reach location. Electric Valve These valves allow the Accusump to be mounted almost anywhere. Wiring into the ignition makes the unit automatic. A fast discharge rate and a slow refill rate makes the electric valve ideal for pre-oiling. E.P.C. Valves This valve provides the best of both the manual and electric valve. It can be mounted in any location and wired to a panel mounted switch or the ignition. It has a high discharge rate below the set value and a high refill rate above that value. Great for both pre-oiling and surge control.

Accusump Valving

Accusump Cable Kit for Manual Valves-24-506
See details
Accusump Cable Kit for Manual Valves-24-506
Part #: CAN24-506

Accusump Cable Kit for Manual Valves. 6 foot cable length.

Price: $88.99


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Accusump Manual Valve-24-260
See details
Accusump Manual Valve-24-260
Part #: CAN24-260

Accusump Manual Valve

Price: $14.99


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