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  1. 3qt. Accusump-24-006
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Oil is important. Without it your engine is history. Your engine is a complex arrangement of metal parts moving constantly. Without oil, the friction caused from metal on metal generates enough heat to melt those moving parts and causes them to quickly fuse together causing a 'seized' engine.

Without oil pressure, your engine just wouldn't survive more than a mile, a lap, a mud hole or a stoplight. It flows everywhere - lubricating, cooling and removing miscellaneous dirt and debris.

There are 2 common conditions when your engine is without it's vital fluid:

When you reach for that ignition your engine oil is sitting in your oil pan, maybe a little in your oil filter. But there is none where your engine needs it the most, where those metal on metal surfaces are. So as you turn that key and your engine starts to spin, your engine has no oil pressure, no supply of oil to those moving parts. Until your engine is running and the oil pump is pumping, it has very little protection from this kind of metal on metal wear. Independent studies have indicated that up to 50% of wear on engine components occurs during the engine start-up, before oil pressure can be established by the oil pump!

The second condition when your engine loses oil pressure is during an extreme condition when the oil pressure surges. Such as everyday hard braking and turning on the street and most certainly on the track. These are the same conditions that would spill your coffee out of your coffee cup. During these times the oil in the pan moves away from the oil pick-up tube (the tube that the oil pump sucks the oil out of the oil pan through) and there is a sudden loss of oil pressure. Again leaving your engine without that vital lubrication.

What is a Accusump Pre-oiler?
The Accusump Preoiler, the original automotive oil accumulator, is designed to provide the engine with oil pressure before the starter is even engaged. An Accusump is a cylinder shaped aluminum storage container that acts as a reservoir of pressurized oil, to be released when there is a drop in the oil pressure. The Accusump pre oiler is connected to the pressure side of an engine's oiling system and is charged by the engines own oil pump. Its simple, efficient design revolves around a hydraulic piston separating an air pre-charge side and the oil reservoir side. On the oil side of the Accusump it has an outlet that goes into the engine's oiling system, controlled by a valve. On the air side it's equipped with a pressure gauge and a Schrader air pre-load valve.

How does it work?
On initial start-up when the valve on the oil side is opened the pressurized oil is released into the engine and therefore pre-lubricating the engine prior to start-up. The Accusump preoiler holds whatever oil pressure the engine has at the time that it is shut off. After the engine is started and the oil pump has taken over, oil is pumped back into the Accusump. This moves the piston back and pressurizes the Accusump preoiler until it equalizes with engine's oil pressure. While driving, if the engine's oil pressure is interrupted for any reason, the Accusump releases its oil reserve again, keeping the engine lubricated until the engine's oil pressure comes back to normal. This release of oil could last from 15 to 60 seconds, depending on the size and speed of the engine. In racing or hard driving conditions, the Accusump preoiler will automatically fill and discharge when needed as you corner, accelerate and brake.

Surge Protection
The Accusump provides that extra margin of protection that you need against engine damage caused by loss of oil pressure. Racing and high performance street engines by nature are put under a lot of stress by the high G-load situations they are commonly placed in. As oil in your pan sloshes about, your oil pump pickup can become uncovered, which causes a loss of oil pressure and sets the stage for severe engine damage. The Accusump provides oil during these times reducing the potential for damage.

Independent studies have indicated that up to 50% of wear on engine components occurs during the engine start-up, before oil pressure can be established by the oil pump. The Accusump can eliminate this "Cold start scuffing" by delivering oil under pressure before the engine is started.

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