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  1. 1965-66 Mustang front suspension kit - Stage 5
  2. 1967-70 Mustang front suspension kit - Stage 5
  3. 1965-66 Mustang front suspension kit - Stage 3
  4. 1965-66 Mustang front suspension kit - Stage 4
  5. 1965-73 Mustang front & rear coilover system

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  Street or Track LLC :: Suspension :: Front Suspension :: Packages :: 1965-66 Mustang front suspension kit - Stage 4

1965-66 Mustang front suspension kit - Stage 4
1965-66 Mustang front suspension kit - Stage 4 

Rebuild your 65-66 V8 Mustangs front suspension with this money saving kit!  Fits 65-66 V8 cars only.

Kit includes:

These upper control arms are the finest reproductions available.Not rebuilt, all new. Painted black/grey and ready to install. Riveted balljoint as original. They come complete with shaft, bushings, ball joint, nut withcotter key, 90 degree zerk fittings, washers and locking nuts.

These lower control arms are authentic reproductions. 1964-67feature the original riveted design, lower jacking tabs and 2-tone paint. Comescomplete with ball joint, pressed in bushing, grease seal, zerk fitting, washer,nut and cotter key. Painted black and natural steel grey.

  • 2 x Coil Springs

Choose from Stock (# SCD-C5ZZ-5310-B), GT (# SCD-C5ZZ-5310-E)or Performance (#SCD-C5ZZ-5310-P).

  • 2 x Coil Spring Insulators

Choose from rubber (# SCD-C4DZ-5415-AR),polyurethane (# SCD-C4DZ-5415-UR)or 1" thick polyurethane (# SCD-C4DZ-5415-URT).

Features quality stamped steel construction, bushings, nuts &anti-squeak coil protector pads.

  • 1 x Sway Bar

Choose from 1" (# SCD-S1MS-5482-A)or 1-1/8" (# SCD-S1MS-5482-B)- Our high quality sway bars are made from high carbon steel with hot forgedends and cadmium plating. Kit contains black polyurethane mount bushings andlinks with polyurethane grommets.

  • 1 Pair of Street or Track Adjustable Strut Rods - ST-STSR

Our Adjustable Strut Rods eliminate the stock rubber bushings which are replaced with a high quality, high strength Teflon & Kevlar impregnated rod end mounted in a custom designed billet steel bracket. This eliminates the stock bushings and binding problems associated with the stock strut, while allowing bind-free movement throughout the suspensions full range of motion. Quickly & easily set 3-5 degrees of positive Caster on most applications!


  • Optional - 2 x Roller Spring Perches (in place of SCD-C4DZ-3388-RI shown above) - ORP-RSP64-73

Brand new spring perches are purchased, then modified with 2 sealed rollerbearings that replace the stock rubber design for a bind free operation. Sealedbearings and bearing carrier requires no lubrication!

Need a different combination? Contact us for a discounted custom package.

Part Number: SCD-6566STAGE4
Price: $879.99

Upgrade Perches
Coil Springs
Coil Spring Insulators
Sway Bar O.D.

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